Monkeying Around

While riding down to feed the African wild dogs, wolves, and hyena I saw a lovely collection of fire hoses behind one of the primate houses.

These woven fire hoses will become a bed used in the primate department of the Safari. The result will be an extremely durable and easy to clean bed for primates of all sizes.


The mountain of fire hoses in the background of this photo was donated by local fire departments after the hoses were no longer usable to put out fires.

These contraptions are incredibly hard to make which I can tell you after having made one only half this size—a special shout out to my Enrichment and Exhibit Design class at Unity College!

As you can see we have plenty of fire hoses to make tons of enrichment and beds for the primates.

Even though I don’t work in the primate department it is really cool to see something I made in school being made at the Safari.

Until next time.


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