The Future of the Safari

Recently on a quiet day at the Safari we had four volunteers show up to help out, bringing the total number of people working in the predator department for the day up to twelve! That is a lot of people for our department, considering we usually have around six or seven people, so we got a lot of work done that day and still had plenty of down time. On one of our breaks, Shelly asked me if I had seen the new tiger enclosure that was being built. I told her that I had not and so she took me to have a look. After seeing this enclosure I was very excited about the future of the Safari.


The enclosure is massive, includes a training area, and can be divided in half if the Safari gets a new tiger to do introductions. Additionally the Safari will also be getting two or three Komodo Dragons in the next three months, which is when that enclosure should be completed as well. Shelly also took me to an area that will one day be the site of the new couati enclosures, which are slated to begin construction in 2016.

It was really cool to see the Safari’s plans for the future and hear that many of their outdated enclosures were being replaced to follow more modern practices. I hope the new tiger enclosure is finished while I’m here and that I can assist in the transfer of the tigers to their new space. Fingers crossed.

Until next time.


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