Baby on Board?

Today was a special day at the Safari because we had to weigh, perform an ultrasound, and check the overall health of one of our female tapirs, Passiflora. The keepers as well as the vet believe the tapir to be pregnant which would be amazing considering last year they had another tapir birth!


I got to help with the weighing and observe the ultrasound, which for now remains inconclusive, though it did reveal that Passiflora is filled with fluid. Could there be a baby on board and coming into the world in the future? I certainly hope so!

On our way back to the department offices one of the keepers told me they also think that one of our adorable sand cat females could be pregnant, I guess summer time in Israel means babies, or the Safari is just lucky. Either way I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these possible mothers.

If either of the animals has babies what do you think we should name them?

Until next time.


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