Level Up!

Holy heart failure Batman! Today was an amazing day at the safari! The head of the department came up to me before we started the day and told me that it was my responsibility to shift the bears from their indoor enclosures to their outdoor ones—for those of you not familiar with the process of shifting zoo animals, this is a big responsibility and something that you don’t take lightly. It may seem simple to open a door, let an animal walk outside, and close the doors behind them, but there are a thousand and one things that can go wrong. Additionally, opening the doors usually puts you in close proximity to the animals, which can be very dangerous if the animal tries to reach out and grab you.


Fortunately, shifting the bears went off without a hitch and both the department head and a keeper were watching my every move in case something should go wrong. It felt amazing to be trusted with such responsibility and I feel that I have reached a new level trust with the safari. I would like to give a big shout out to Cheryl Frederick and Sarah Cunningham, two of my professors at Unity College, for preparing me for anything the zoo field can throw at me.

Can’t wait to head back to work tomorrow.

Until next time.


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