Inside the Fire

Today I truly learned what the expression “hot as hell” means. With clear blue skies overhead and not a cloud in the sky, the temperature climbed into near triple digits and the humidity was nearly unbearable. Top that off with moving lumber and supplies to the tiger exhibit that is currently under construction, and you have one heck of a day. I really miss Unity College right now, with all of its trees and shade everywhere; clouds that drift lazily across the sky promising rain; and a light breeze to brush against your face. Now that sounds like a nice day.

I asked one of the keepers, Tomell, if he thought it would rain here this summer; he looked at me and laughed. Apparently it doesn’t rain in Israel except for a couple of weeks in December! To all of those in Maine, heck even in New England, please tell me what the weather is like. I seem to have forgotten what rain is.


On a happy note, Pedang our male tiger seems to be doing much better after his acupuncture and seems much more responsive–here’s hoping those pesky ear infections stay away from the big guy.

Until next time.


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